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Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Cork

Learn acoustic guitar at the School of Guitar Cork. We cater for all ages and all levels and all styles . Our acoustic guitar lessons are individually suited to each student. We encourage students with technique exercises, reading rhythm notation as an aid to learn acoustic guitar songs and if students wish to we prepare them for acoustic guitar exams up to and including diploma level.

We have finetuned our expert guitar tuition to provide fun and educational classes for all ages exploring topics like varied rhythms, reading guitar tabs, chord chards, standard music notation for the beginner acoustic guitar player. Our acoustic guitar classes can advance quickly to cover areas like guitar scales, bar chords, fingerpicking guitar and much more. The student can create their own individual acoustic guitar course and guide us to where he or she wants to go in terms of their development with the option of playing a repertoire of songs, fingerstyle playing, accompaniment, chord construction and theory up to the level required to achieve a diploma in acoustic guitar playing.

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