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Blues/Jazz Guitar Lessons

At the school of guitar we provide guitar lesssons first and foremost. Many students come with the desire to progress in one genre but end up learning the guitar with lessons based on multiple styles....some weeks going fingerstyle playing, other weeks doing acoustic guitar and other weeks focussing on Blues or Jazz guitar. We take cue of the direction to take from the student so every student ends up taking a course designed specifically for them.

Once you are past learning guitar chords for beginners blues lessons can be introduced quite quickly but the advanced Blues lessons and the Jazz Lessons do involve incorporating music theory, advanced scales and how to play and used complicated guitar chords and are normally introduced at an intermediate to advanced level.

That said it is always nice for us to know the goals of all students so we can map out the best and quickest path for them to take to reach them. There are also specific Jazz grades a student can take to progress in a more formal way and there are grades in electric guitar that are suitable for a student interested in blues.


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