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Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

Fingerstyle and fingerpicking is a particular favourite for our main guitar tutor. A trained classical guitarist, he utilises the skills of classical playing in his accomplished fingerstyle performances while at the same time using traditional folk, travis picking and blues fingerstyle techniques.

Fingerpicking is introduced to students of all guitars and all genres quite quickly because many of the techniques are used across the wide spectrum of guitar playing. Many intermediate students who can strum basic guitar chords live our guitar method for improving the guitar techniques required for fingerstyle guitar. Many of our students (guitar teachers themselves) come to us to learn how to teach guitar in a fingerpicking style.

Like in classical music the advanced student taking the fingerstyle guitar course route would be learning complicated solo instrumental pieces but we also accommodate fingerstyle players who wish to back themselves while singing. A lot of the performances in the acoustic guitar RGT syllabus are well suitied to students who want to progress in fingerstyle playing.


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