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Folk Guitar Lessons

"3 Chords and the Truth"

Rightly or wrongly, Folk guitar is sometimes seen as the easiest form of guitar to learn. Many folk guitarists use only a few chords but with the right rhythm and or picking or strumming technique can become very good players in their field. It can a good style of guitar for kids to begin and with our private tuition they can quickly move on (if they wish) to more challenging styles.

A lot of our students (particularly adult beginners) come to us wanting to learn a few chords and be able to sing a few songs. We accommodate them completely and provide them with the quickest and most efficient way to reach their goal.

That said some folk players have a much more varied approach to their technique incorporating advanced rhythms, fingerpicking, scales and arpeggios which is as advanced as any other style of playing. Students who are interested in folk guitar who want to advance further are also catered for.

At the end of the day, music is music and guitar is guitar and we find the majority of students end up doing a bit of everything concentrating of course on their main area of interest.


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