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Guitar Styles

At the School of Guitar, we provide guitar courses for all styles of music. For beginner guitar players, no matter what there area of interest we start we music guitar lessons concentrating on guitar chords and rhythms. From there, there are endless possibilities and routes we can take all depending on the individual student. The student of classical guitar are more likely than any other to have lessons specifically in one area (classical guitar) but it can be fun for them too to throw in another genre every now and then. But many of our students (the many guitar teachers that we have here as students in particular) wish to progress through grades in all types of guitar (classical, acoustic and electric).

Your guitar lesson will be your own personal guitar course. You can decide to do all classical guitar only, some acoustic and some lead guitar, blues guitar with a bit of fingerpicking. The intermediate and advanced guitar players will know a bit more about the area they want to develop. For beginner guitar players we normally suggest leave it up to us at the start. Do a bit of everything and after 10 weeks you will know the area you prefer.


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