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About Us

We teach guitar lessons in Cork (classical guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitar) for all ages (kids, teenagers and adults), all levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced) and all styles. Guitar lessons with our qualified tutor can be arranged for the morning, afternoon or evening And you can start at any time as long as there is a slot free.

Our main tutor is a qualified and certified RGT guitar tutor for acoustic, electric and classical guitar and has just been appointed an examiner for RGT exams and London College of Music exams up to and including diploma. Some lessons for guitar are for classical guitar, some for acoustic guitar and others for electric. The levels range from beginner to advanced. In fact 4 of our students are guitar teachers themselves. Regardless of what type of music people like we do encourage students reading music (rhythms at the start) early on. It would be no problem at all to you even if you have never done it before. We don't force the issue and encourage students who wish to play for fun as much as the student preparing for guitar exams.


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