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Guitar Lessons for Children in Cork

As well as being enjoyable and fun and a great experience for children to learn and appreciate music, there are many studies that now show there are hidden benefits to kids guitar lessons both intellectually and emotionally.

At the School of Guitar, music lessons for children start from the age of 7 and up. Sometimes a younger student may start but it would depend on the child. We encourage parents to book one lesson with us and sit in on the lesson and see how their child gets on and discuss it with them after before deciding to sign up for weekly lessons.

Guitar lessons for kids under 10 should be an enjoyable experience and a fun experience. A child will benefit from those lessons even if they decide to give them up after a length of time. Many children of course don't give and continue progressing either doing guitar grades or in a less formal relaxed manner.

Music activities for children can involve songwriting, writing rhythms and recording.


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