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Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Many of our beginner guitar students progress quickly to an intermediate and advanced level. We also help people learn guitar and improve if they have already reached an intermediate level on their own. You can play chords but are stuck using the same rhythm for songs? Let us help you broaden your horizons? You play rhythm guitar very well but would like to learn new styles like fingerpicking or classical or lead guitar? We can help. If you are an accomplished guitar player but would like more musical knowledge and theory we can help?

People forget how hard it is to learn a guitar. When you do learn to guitar can play, it is easy to stay at the same level. It is harder to progress to more you can do. We all get stuck in a rut. Some of the very best guitarists in the world have taken lessons to reach a new level. It is a great achievement to be a self taught guitar player. Our main guitar tutor was self taught for years...but his development and knowledge increased rapidly after receiving classical guitar tuition and music theory classes and now he has the pleasure of seeing good players become great players with a little help and guidance.


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