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Music Theory Lessons in Cork

Our main guitar tutor received his Grade 8 Theory of Music from the Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music in 1997 and since then has helped students prepare and succeed in the same exam. He also has helped students successively prepare for Theory exams at Junior and Leaving Cert exams as well as Theory entrance exams for UCC, CIT and CSN. He also teaches the Popular Music Theory RGT syllabus and has been appointed an examiner for the RGT and the London College of Music which includes assessing the written examinations requirements for all their teaching diploma and performance diploma courses.

Some students come to the School of Guitar purely for Music Theory lessons. Most, however, receive their Music Theory tuition during and as part of (at no extra cost) their normal music lessons.While most classical music teachers incorporate music theory lessons into their classical music lessons, at the School of Guitar we incorporate it in (as much as student requires or desires) to all our lessons in music including acoustic guitar and electric guitar lessons.Our music teacher lessons are particularly popular with other guitar teachers who wish to expand their knowledge and skills.

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