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Guitar Lessons for Teenagers

Guitar classes for teenagers are becoming more and more popular at the School of Guitar. There is a common misconception (especially for classical music) that a person has to start learning an instrument very early to become an accomplished and professional musician. Our main guitar tutor was a late starter himself and did not start studying classical music until his 20s and progressed to a post-diploma level in classical guitar and more modern guitar styles.

Many of our teenager students are beginners when they arrive at our music school and progress very quickly during the course of their music classes. Some take guitar exams, some learn music for the Junior and Leaving cert, while others just learn guitar in a more relaxed and informal way while still improving their musical knowledge and guitar technique. Like all our lessons, they are geared toward the individual and we have beginner, intermediate and advanced teenage students learning acoustic, classical and electric guitar or a combination of all three.


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